The 5 rules of weight loss.

You've seen all those links on the web, right? 5 rules, 5 things never to eat, 5 things never to do. Whatever.

I thought I'd run through a list of the most often cited myths pushed by people who should know better, and my response. Here we go!

  1. Don't eat carbs late at night.

    Actually it's 10pm here and I just had a bowl of weet bix + muesli.
  2. Don't eat grains, breads and cereals.

    Actually, I just had a bowl of weet bix + muesli.
    And I'll have french toast for breakfast.
  3. Don't eat carbs.

    Actually, I just had a bowl of weet bix + muesli.
    And I'll have french toast for breakfast.
  4. Limit fruit, because of the sugars, which are carbs.

    Actually I kinda lied above. The french toast is SECOND breakfast.
    First breakfast is a massive bowl of fruits.
  5. Only eat clean, the minute you touch processed foods it is all over.

    Yeah. See all of the above. Also I'm partial to those packaged indian style vegetable curries. Those are delish with a chickpea burger.
Actually there's big news today that they've now decided carbs are important after all, and low carb diets will shorten your life expectancy by 30%. It's just like I predicted, only I thought it would take another 5 or 10 years to happen. History repeats... first it was fats that were killing people, and then they decided fats were ok and carbs were bad. Then depending on who you talk to, they either softened on carbs except grains were bad, OR they got absolutely carb phobic and started telling people lettuce has too much sugar in it. I swear to god there are people out there telling each other carrots and lettuce have too much sugar. And a shitload say the same things about fruits. Morons.

People need to forget all this crap. Ignore it. People need a varied diet that includes carbs, protein, fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals. There was a few hundred thousand years of human evolution without trying to avoid one or the other, and obesity is only a recent problem. 

The right amount, not too much and not too little. That's the bottom line.

Did you guys see my Review of The Fast Diet, a few weeks back? I think it makes my views quite clear!

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