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My "home workout workshop" & grand opening of the new studio.

You know I'm always thinking a few steps a head because I've only taken one look at the new location, haven't even got the power turned on yet much less started moving equipment in, and I've already started inviting people to the grand opening!

It's that time of year where people are making new year's resolutions (well, I guess it goes without saying that this is the time of year that happens!) to get into shape, so a few people have been asking me what sort of home workout equipment they should be looking into. So to give all my friends a look at the new place as well as to answer this question, I'll be holding a "home workout workshop" teaching people how to train at home using some of my favourite low cost options, namely resistance bands, stability balls and body weight exercises.

I have big plans for the Oakleigh Personal Training studio in the new year and this seems like the perfect way to start it off with a nice fun group training session with some of my friends. You can be sure I'll take some photos and perhaps some videos too and post them up here afterwards.

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