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Monday Supplement Roadtest

Day two of roadtesting all the free samples I picked up at Fitx, and also day two on my Power, Precision and Pump routine.

Today I hit up all of these goodies from Bioflex Nutrition, an Australian company I actually have not tried before. So... first up was the Hydroflex Protein. Since it is disgustingly hot here I blended this up in milk with some ice + one frozen banana. It went down nicely! There's not really much more to be said about a protein supplement is there? If you want the specifics you can check it out on the Bioflex Website.

Next up was Biocharge, the pre-workout supplement. This did the job nicely. It took a little bit of shaking to get it dissolved in my ice cold water, but it went down nicely and there are no complaints about the taste. Some pre-workout supplements can be pretty intense, bordering on scary if you're not used to them. This one I found was quite mild. It did get me fired up and enthusiastic, but not with that crazy level of intensity of some other supplements. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is up to you.

Now, once I started training, that's when I new this was a good supplement. I felt strong and powerful. My POWER move on today's card was One Arm Dumbbell Rows, and I worked my way up to 60kg for 5 reps. For an 83kg guy, that was pretty good!

Finally the Recover X supplement, intended as a post-workout supplement but I took mine about 1/3 of the way through training as is my wont. I wasn't nuts about the orange flavour, but it was ok. That's a minor complaint at worst. This is one of the hardest days on my routine, it is a ridiculously hot day, and for some reason I decided to do lots of isolateral stuff. One arm dumbbell rows, rear delt laying lateral raises, glute isolation machine... it seemed like I was in the gym for a LONG time working very hard indeed. I got through everything though and was pretty happy with all of my numbers from start to finish. The supplement has to have played a part in that.

ALSO after training I hit up some International Protein Cookies & Cream flavour. Delicious!


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