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Online Personal Training Product Review

here we go with a nice review of my DHPT Coaching Via Email program, complete with before and after transformation photos!

I am writing this post mostly as a massive thank you to Dave. I know I rant and rave about his program a lot but, I promise I wouldn’t if I didn’t love it and the results I’m seeing.
First things first…what exactly does this program entail?
- you firstly sign up with Dave and send all your details through and he sets up nutrition stuff for you
- you get an email sent to you daily with the training plan for the day and some extra info which, makes it really easy to stay on track
 - the program itself is a push/pull/HIIT Cardio split.  It’s specifically designed for Body Sculpting and involves quite a lot of weight training, leading to some awesome results!
What results did I achieve?
 - I’ve added photos at the end so you can see evidence there
 - I didn’t really have much ‘weight’ to lose but, I did lose body fat and I certainly have more muscle definition and I’ve lost centimetres.
 - I gained the confidence to use free weights and increase all my lifts quite significantly
 - I am far more confident, happy and I have a much better idea about the amount of food I should be eating each day as well as a better appreciation for macros.
So…proof is in the pudding, right?  Or, in the progress pics…

There you have it!  In conclusion, this is absolutely worthwhile and I strongly recommend checking out Dave’s email program!


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