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So pretty much everything in the world is a scam now, right?

I'm becoming a cynical old bastard in my late 30s and ... well wait, don't get me wrong - I'm a pretty happy guy and I happen to be fortunate enough to work for myself doing something I enjoy. But DAMN, what is with all the blatant SCAMS out there, and are people really falling for this crap?

This is the latest one someone showed me the other day. Guys & girls, this is no joke! It's an actual product and (I assume?) people out there are buying it!

Seriously, does this take the cake, or what?

I checked out the website and apparently you are going to get lean, toned and muscular in 5 to 10 minutes a day BY PULLING A PIECE OF STRING WITH A LITTLE PIECE OF METAL ON IT!!!!????

Good god, man. Are these people for real?

If you actually want to achieve something, you've gotta work for it. Does this look like enough work to change the composition of your body? Really? Hell I used to make these when I was a kid, because the internet and video games where not invented yet. Sure it was fun but it did not give me the set of triceps I have now!

If you want to get into shape, lift some heavy weights and count your calories. It's SIMPLE, people!

What bugs me is that there's so many scams in the fitness industry, and I'm trying to run an ethical business without bullshitting anyone, selling fitness products and services that actually work. This crap makes us all look bad.

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