3000 calorie vegetarian bodybuilding meal plan

I've changed up my meal plan a little recently, and it's working out pretty well so far so I thought I would tell people about it. Usually when I get up in the morning the only thing I've got on my mind is a massive bowl of cereal, with some vanilla whey concentrate over the top. Lately I haven't been feeling the cereal so much for some reason, so I made some changes as follows.

I keep going back and forward on whether what I do counts as "body building" or not, since it's not like I'm training to get on stage and compete. But whatever... if you're training to change the shape of your body, that's body building innit?

Anyway here we go with my current meal plan!

First meal: Massive Bowl Of Fruits

They say you're supposed to eat 5 pieces of fruit a day, don't they? Well I think that's about right and I like to get my five (or more) all in the one hit, early in the day. At the moment I'm hitting up some watermelon, different types of peaches, nectarines, grapes, and strawberries. Fruit is like nature's candy except it's also nutritious. You should eat a fuck tonne of fruit every day if you want to be happy, in my opinion.

Second meal: Breakfasty type things

Next up I'm hitting some french toast (2 eggs, two slices soy & linseed bread) and some vegetarian sausages. I'm on Quorn sausages at the moment, with a little hummus as well. You could add spinach, tomatoes, whatever vegies you like here as well. More vegetables is always better.

Pre Training:

Vanilla Protein Shake with a frozen banana blended in.

Post Training:

As soon as I walk in the door I'll have 2 thick white ricecakes with raspberry jam. I'm usually a wreck by the time I'm done training so this is a good way to start recovering and replenish those energy (glycogen) stores. Next up is another protein shake. I have choc mint flavour which is OH MY GOD SO GOOD.


Pancakes. Protein is important so I'm hitting 4 more eggs & a couple scoops WPC, plus oats and a splash of milk in the form of delicious pancakes. And the beautiful part is, I put icecream on top of 'em.

IIIFYM, bitches.


Dinner is a little more varied. Usually there's a vegie burger (just the patty) as the protein source, with whatever steamed or fresh vegetables. Usually I have some pre-prepared vege or lentil curry as well. I used to make my own and they were awesome, but I got lazy. It's the HEAT, people. Summer weather.

And there you have it!

Approximately 3000 calories and not too far off my 40 protein : 35 carbohydrates :  25 fats macro targets.

Obviously if you're looking for a Vegetarian Personal Trainer in Brunswick, you know who to talk to!

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  1. Great meal examples, I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian and just started weightlifting after an injury and long hiatus, looks like I need to step up the fruits and eggs, thanks again for the meal inspiration


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