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Planning stages of my new 12 week flexible dieting challenge

This is going to kick off in ten days time, on the 31st of March.

This time I want to be a bit more structured and really get people to lock in a commitment to training at least 5 days a week, and to hitting their nutritional targets by default, unless there's a good reason not to. I've written in the past about how this really doesn't take very much at all, other than basic organisation skills. We all have good enough organisation skills to get through life, fulfill our obligations, show up at work on time and so on. Succeeding with a training & flexible dieting plan is no different.

We simply need to DECIDE that we are in fact going to be successful, and then get organised and do it.

Organised as in, spend a few minutes considering your schedule, then decide what time you are going to hit the gym every day. Is it first thing, before work? Then set your alarm and just treat it as non-optional. Treat it the same as getting up on time to get your (hypothetical) kids ready for school, or putting the bins out, or doing the grocery shopping or the laundry. It's just stuff that has to be done as a part of your life, and it's only a big deal if you it you make it one.

Even if your schedule changes from day to day due to varying work rosters... you can still get organised and decide what would be the best time to train subject to what shift you might have. Then, just have it on lock. If I'm on that shift, I train at this time.

I did rotating shifts for many, many years. I know this can be done.

Now for the flexible dieting... again this is a matter of organisation. We're not trying to starve or restrict food choices or do anything else unpleasant or difficult. We simply need to be organised enough to say "here's what I'm likely to eat tomorrow, how does that add up?" and then make any necessary changes in order to meet our guidelines. It's real simple.

What I have got planned this time is for progression from one month to the next. For example starting with a plan of appropriate calories for "your body with light activity", and then increasing that minimum calorie requirement the next month as will be required in order to facilitate further progress and results from training. Similarly we will have a plan for progressing to more advanced versions of the training routines.

Details are online now on my official business site: DaveHPT 12 Week Challenge.

Video: Flexible Dieting Explained

A little video blog about Flexible Dieting that I shot after training the other day.

I kind of wish I had tidied myself up a bit first but whatever, some good information if I do say so!


Should I eat above BMR when trying to lose weight?

A bit of an epic reply I just sent to a young lady who asked the question above.
well.... here's how it works.
first off though i don't know your stats so i don't know if you actually have any weight to lose, but either way... if you do, or if you just want to see better results from training while already at a sensible weight... the same applies.

BMR is how much your body requires just to function without so much as rolling over in bed all day. So, cell regeneration, keeping your heart beating, bone and muscle and organ maintenance, skin and hair and fingernail growth.... god I don't even know, all sorts of other stuff that's required to be alive.

And right now, eating below BMR means you're not even giving yourself enough fuel for that - let alone to build the lean & toned figure I imagine you probably want. Or even just to move around a bit during the day. So what that means is your body has to find a way to compensate and survive on so much less fuel that it really needs. It manages this through hormonal changes.... thyroid shuts down, adrenal glands pump out more cortisol.... in simpler terms though your body is trying to conserve and store energy because it thinks "i'm not getting enough, if i run out of what I have stored in reserve i'm fucked". So in other words your body wants to store fat and it will sacrifice muscle and bone mass to do this. Very bad stuff.

So screw doing that. If you really want to create the body you really want, you need to dial in a plan that provides enough fuel not just to replace what you burn just by being alive + moving around a bit + exercise... you need to put in enough to actually be able to adapt to training. That would mean storing more energy in the muscles, strengthening your bones with increased density, more lean, toned muscle mass.... if we get it right your body goes "well bloody hell I only JUST have enough resources available to manage all this... these fat stores can GO I have other priorities right now"

Makes sense?

So... we can dial in appropriate calories to support an appropriate weight, put all of that fuel to good use... and end up healthy, strong, sexy and happy. I have girls who are eating seriously over 1000 cals a day more now than they were when they first came to me for advice and they are so much happier with their results and just in general because of it, eating all the nice stuff whatever they fancy!

So that was a long answer but in short "yes you need to eat more than your bmr and you'll be much happier with your results if you do".


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