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Home exercise programs and online personal training

For some useful tips on how to get great results from an Online Personal Training or Home Exercise Program, have a look at this article I published recently: Tips on getting the most out of online personal training.


Summer training program vs winter training program, aka periodisation

So now that Summer is official over (although isn't it nice and sunny out there today?) it's time to start thinking about how to modify your training program for the Autumn & Winter period. If you've followed my blogs for a while you'll know I cut back as far as possible on calories, did more cardio and switched to a Metabolic Resistance type of training program for the Spring, and stayed on relatively low calories through the Summer while beginning my Progressive Power program.

It's pretty much standard practice to cut back in the warmer months for obvious reasons. You want to be nice and lean for hitting the beach or the pool. In the cooler months though it's time to up the calories and try to put on some muscle. Of course that's followed once again by cutting back to strip off any extra fat you've gained in the process, but the end result being that you're still lean and mean + a bit bigger next summer.

So as of today I am on a 3000 calorie vegetarian body building diet, in fact the exact same diet as is included in my Progressive Power For Vegetarians package on my website. I'll be sticking with the Progressive Power program for rest of March at the least, to really maximise my strength gains before moving on to a new program in April looking at maximum muscle hypertrophy.

This summer I was definitely in the best, most lean shape of my adult life... and this year I want to be my biggest AND also most lean.

Online Personal Training & Exercise Instruction By Video

So, this is something people have been asking me for for a while now, so over the past month or so I've been putting together my Online Personal Training Packages for all the good people out there who want to train with me but can't due to living far far away from Brunswick.

What I've come up with is my Hardcore Holistic Home Program which includes;

  • Home exercise program using resistance bands, exercise balls and bodyweight.
  • Video exercise instruction and demonstration.
  • Vegetarian or non-vegetarian weight loss meal plan.
  • Motivation, education and support.
The whole thing comes in the form of a 10 page e-book, along with a spreadsheet for tracking your calories, and a program card for recording your progress at training. I love this program (and so far so do my online clients who are following it) because to the best of my knowledge it is the only weight loss program that gives you pancakes for breakfast. Yep, pancakes! Much better than starvation diets, innit?

Of course being a holistic plan we look at all lifestyle choices that impact our health and happiness, as well as the nutritious meal planning and hardcore training you would expect from me by now.

As well as this I have my Progressive Power Program, which is my strength and size program for aspiring body builders. This e-book is a massive 17 pages of quality information, plus an extra 3 pages in the vegetarian version. Both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian editions of this program include a high protein, mass building nutrition plan.

You guys know by now that I am all about the stuff that works, that's also fun... and also I'm all about great results and great value for money. If you check out either of these programs you'll be very happy that you did.

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