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Broscience Idiots Are Not As Stupid As You Think

Latest video rant.

Inspired by this load of nonsense on facebook.


Calling people out on their bullshit and excuses

File under "how to make enemies and alienate people", right?

I mean... look, people DO need to be called out on their bullshit, but how does it usually go down when you try it? Better question, how does it go down when someone tries it with you? Not so smoothly am I right?

None of us are perfect in all aspects of life. Some of us might excel in one area while neglecting others... some people appear to be successful across the board, but still feel unfulfilled. There is no shortage of highly successful, respected people who've made it to the top of their field, only to reveal that they were battling depression the whole time.

This may seem like a pessimistic way to start an article but really it isn't. The point is that no one is perfect, but it is still possible to overcome whatever obstacles and be successful and content. The difference between the successful people and the rest of us is that they kept trying, failed, tried again, and didn't quit no matter how many times they had a good excuse to.

Here's the issue. You can't really just go about handing out reality checks to people, no matter how good your intentions are. You know all this already, I'm sure. If you want to do that, go study first, get a qualification, set your prices and even then, save it for the people who'll actually pay you to keep them accountable. The rest don't want to hear it, and from their perspective, why should they?

It works the same way with people trying to give you advice, and busting whatever bullshit excuse you're holding yourself back with. Most of the time, people won't do it. Either they don't want to hurt your feelings, they don't want an argument, or maybe they actually like that you're not quite getting there... and they like feeling like they're doing a little bit better than you are.

So, unless you're going to hire a good, no-nonsense style Personal Trainer or coach... you're going to have to do it yourself. You're going to have to call yourself out on whatever stories you've got going through your head about why you can't be successful. Like I said earlier, anyone who's ever been successful in anything has had to do this... and I'd go so far as to say that many of them have had to get up and do it over and over again, day after day.


Online Personal Training Testimonial

Here's a brand new testimonial from the latest member of Team DaveHPT.

My FREE weight loss program is at close to 92,000 hits by now, which is amazing. Like I always say, the important part here is that it's A LOT of people who are NOT going to be sucked in to scam products or dangerous, restrictive diets.

Now, as to the paid program this testimonial refers to, you should check out this before and after transformation post over on wordpress. File under DHPT Online Coaching Testimonials.

Vegetarian and Vegan Strength Training

Video highlights from training last weekend.

So how should vegetarians train for strength and aesthetics? The same way as anyone else with the same goals. You need to train strategically and methodically towards your goal body type, with a balanced program primarily focussed on resistance training with a little extra cardio or interval training as well.

On the nutrition side, IIFYM or flexible dieting principles still apply. In fact, they have never applied more than they do in the case of vegetarian and vegan athletes. You do need an appropriate total calorie goal, with an appropriate ratio of protein, to carbohydrate, to fats. Obviously you will have less choices of protein sources than an omnivorous human would, but there are no shortages of vegetarian or even vegan protein sources. Generally speaking, a vegetarian or vegan is likely to have a much more comprehensive micronutrient intake, due to the inclusion of greater amounts and variety of fresh vegetables in their diet.

There's a new entry over on my main website all about Vegetarian And Vegan Personal Training In Brunswick, you should go check that out.


80,000 successful weight loss clients in 6 months

Yes, it's true... true that that is the sort of headline most people would use to stretch the truth just a little bit and big note themselves to look like some kind of industry leader or something. What's actually happened though is that my Lose Weight No Bullshit website has just turned 6 months old and has just clicked over 81,000 views.

Actually it's a little older than that in terms of having started building it late last year... but whatever. We're six months into 2013 so this is the 6 monthly review. Or really it's the review of the 6 monthly review that I already posted on the actual site.

Uhhh, let's run through it in point form:

  • Over 81,000 total views.
  • I don't know how many individual people that means, but it's still a lot.
  • I don't know how many that means have actually read and followed the free weight loss education and exercise program, but it'd be a lot.
  • I don't even know, because I've lost track of the amount of people who've written in to tell me they have started the free program, that they love it and are making great progress and seeing great results.
  • DHPT Coaching Via Email (aka paying) clients getting STRONG and looking AMAZING. Plus their photos getting stolen by marketers on their stupid "fitness motivation" type pages on facebook, tumblr etc.
Pretty damn good, eh?

So mostly I get nice messages from people telling me "Dave I'm doing your free program and I love it" but there's also some bewildering messages from people who I guess heard that I'm an answer trainer and want my advice. It's bewildering because there's a whole free system on there, the people who follow it love it and love the results they're getting... but there's the one or two who think that stuff doesn't apply to them and maybe I can come up with something new just for them for free or something. I dunno.

So anyway I'm trying to discourage such behaviour so without further ado here's my FAAQ. That's Frequently Asked Annoying Questions, if you couldn't guess.

Q: I'm [this weight] and [this age] and I want to lose [this amount of weight], but [this circumstance]. What should I do?
A: Start with my free program.

Q: I do [some other activity or program] and I think I eat pretty healthy. I lost [this amount of weight] but I don't seem to be losing any more. Why not though? What am I doing wrong?
A: How should I know? Have you read my free program?

Q: Why aren't I seeing the same results as your clients in those photos? I eat clean and I run or whatever.
A: They're doing my program, you're not. If you want those results you need to do my program.

Q: OK I read your program. But why aren't I seeing results with what I'm doing?
A: You don't get results from just reading my program and then continuing to eat and exercise the same way you always have. You need to ACTUALLY DO what it says in my program.

Q: I did the maths according to what it says in your program and I believe I should be eating [this amount of calories]. I usually eat about [this other amount of calories]. Why aren't I losing any weight?
(I swear to god, I've been asked this a few times now)
A: Eat the correct amount.
Q: I read your program and it says I should do [this], but why wouldn't I do [this other thing] instead?
A: You tell me, why WOULD you do that other thing instead?

I think that's about all. I need to stop I'm getting annoyed again just remembering these.

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