Vegetarian and Vegan Strength Training

Video highlights from training last weekend.

So how should vegetarians train for strength and aesthetics? The same way as anyone else with the same goals. You need to train strategically and methodically towards your goal body type, with a balanced program primarily focussed on resistance training with a little extra cardio or interval training as well.

On the nutrition side, IIFYM or flexible dieting principles still apply. In fact, they have never applied more than they do in the case of vegetarian and vegan athletes. You do need an appropriate total calorie goal, with an appropriate ratio of protein, to carbohydrate, to fats. Obviously you will have less choices of protein sources than an omnivorous human would, but there are no shortages of vegetarian or even vegan protein sources. Generally speaking, a vegetarian or vegan is likely to have a much more comprehensive micronutrient intake, due to the inclusion of greater amounts and variety of fresh vegetables in their diet.

There's a new entry over on my main website all about Vegetarian And Vegan Personal Training In Brunswick, you should go check that out.


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