Personal Training In Yanakie, Victoria

After the better part of a decade at the famous Doherty's Gym in Brunswick as well as a couple of other locations, I've relocated to the Wilson's Promontory area to continue to run my Online Coaching business and build a private garage gym for myself and of my clients who'd like to come visit this spectacular part of the world.

Of course... I'll also be available to locals who'd like to come and train, as well.

For the locals, here's what it's all about:

Whether you're a serious athlete competing in sports, a recreational participant, or an enthusiastic beginner... what's in your best interest is to get out of "dieting" in the conventional, on again - off again sense, and work on sustainable, consistent eating habits that suit your preferences and meet your requirements for energy and other nutritional resources, rather than restricting below those requirements.

Once you're fueling to meet your requirements rather than restricting below them, you then want to train productively to put all of those resources to use in improving performance at training and at sport, supporting strong bones, and sculpting a lean and athletic physical condition.

Remember: It's not about what foods you need to avoid, it's about making some reasonable choices from the foods that you do find appealing and convenient, to meet your requirements following some simple guidelines to ensure long term success in your fitness goals. Also, rather than merely "burning calories", it is about training productively to put the energy and nutritional resources from those foods to good use in producing a stronger, healthier, leaner athletic condition.

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