DHPT Power, Precision & Pump Day One

OK, back to the start again!

I've been posting videos most days for the past week or so, with a run through of what I did each day. Also every day I point out that the videos are kind of crap and there'll be some better ones coming before too long.

Today was back to Day 1 which is a big PUSH day.

Supposedly POWER day for horizontal pushing... but I dunno if it was the heat (we are in the middle of a record breaking heat wave down here at the moment and I am finding it hard to function) or what, but I couldn't seem to muster much power today. So after four sets instead of going heavier as planned I decided to go lighter and get a decent amount of reps out instead.

I dunno why my legs look so skinny in this video either! Here it is:

After the POWER horizontal pushing section we move on to a Precision move, in this case Hyght Flies. These are quite unpleasant but I find they force a really hard contraction in my pecs, which is where I want it.

Next up, PUMP stuff for lower body. I considered doing some supersets here but then I decided that was a bloody stupid idea in this heat, so it was Leg Extensions followed by Hack Squat. Hard work at the best of times!

Finally I always finish this routine with prefatigue supersets of Dumbbell Lateral Raises into Machine Shoulder Press.

Really a hellacious day, and tomorrow I get to do it all again in the opposite direction for Pull day!

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