I fkn hate marketing, man

I mean... I love training, being a trainer, coaching people via internet technologies, blogging, writing articles, inspiring, motivating and encouraging people. I love scam busting too. I even like coming up with different business systems and packages and pricing options and stuff like that.

Marketing though? I'm shit at it and I hate it.

My marketing such as it is is based on writing up a heap of quality free information, helping some people get results / overcome their problems, and eventually word gets out that you're the man to listen to if you want to know what's what. And the people you've helped appreciate you and want to support you.

It's a bit like my favourite bands. Sure, it's easy to illegally download the music... but screw that. I love these guys, I want to buy the extra expensive limited edition double CD, the tshirt, the dvd, concert tickets, you name it if it says "iron maiden" on it I'll probably go buy it.

So... that's why I'm not shy about putting out free programs like on my Lose Weight No Bullshit site. People love the results, appreciate it, tell their friends and ASK to sign up for the paid services. So that's what I do and it has taken a while but now there is momentum gathering like a snowball effect and word is out.

What you're supposed to do though? Like common practice marketing techniques? I just can't.

Advertising on facebook for example... you know those "sponsored posts" on your newsfeed? How annoying are those? Usually all the comments posted are complaints... so... it's one of those "annoy 10 people to attract 1 person" type strategies, I guess. Actually come to think of it... when I first got started I had a guy in a marketing advice / consultant type role who wanted me to put those annoying "give me your email address" pop up boxes all over my website. You know, you search for some info... click through to my page, read the first line and then BOOM there's a big popup over the top you need to deal with before you can read the article. Annoying as fuck, right? But I was told "if they're annoyed that's good, it means you have gotten their attention".

Fuck that shit though man. I just seems bass ackwards to me. Give 'em the info. If they want to sign up they will, surely?

That's like legit marketing though without even going into into the other side that the scammers use. The stolen progress photos, spam bots and so on. Also the "just take this pill and eat whatever you want" scumbags.

The other stuff I learned (but won't do) from marketing courses is this sort of "whatever people want, tell them that's what you do" type approach. My issue with this is that... every 6 months there's a new fad, right? Especially relating to nutrition there's a new fad every 6 months and at the moment it's "clean eating". Jump on facebook and look at some PT groups and everyone is pushing their own clean eating plan. The next one already starting to come in is "intermittent fasting"... now... trainers shouldn't be chasing around trying to keep up with trends and fads.

Every single trainer should be saying the same thing "eat the right amount, train hard, you'll see results". On top of that there's plenty of room to have your own approach and your own style of training. There's room for different approaches to nutrition planning as well, but it should be in terms of "you'll find this approach convenient and easy", rather than "these foods are bad" or perpetuating any other urban myths.

Still, as I've posted about recently... I believe that we are entering a period where more and more people are fed up with all the fads and scams, and are looking for real answers and real results through legitimate programs.

Anyway enough about marketing. What you should take from all this is that if you're looking for a legit program that's sure to deliver results with a Personal Trainer In Brunswick give me a shout.


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