DHPT Power, Precision & Pump Day 8

I missed a few days of training reports & videos, but I'll catch up on those in the week coming. Again in case you missed it in earlier entries, the videos are crap but we have plans of doing some better ones soon. This is just me leaning my phone against something while I'm training, and hoping for the best.

So Day 8 on my program is PULL day and also double duty for legs!

I started out with deadlifts. I'm just easing back into these after some time off them and to be honest I'm not that impressed with my form on this video. I'll work on that next time and do a better job, and hopefully pull some better numbers too. I followed these with some Reverse Hyper Extensions which I'm in love with lately, before moving on to my upper body section.

First up here was High Row machine. On my card this is a "high to low" pulling movement, opposite to Incline Press which I did at this point yesterday. You see how it works? The video shows my last set on this exercise, not so heavy, lots of reps.... pulling back hard and fast.

Next up I decided to try some pull ups for something different, instead of latt pulldown which I do more often. Pull ups usually aggravate some problems with my forearm tendons but I figured I might get away with a neutral grip. I figured correct, but only 8 reps at a time? That's crap, I'll have to improve on that.

Finally some straight arm pull downs. I mix these up as I see fit on the day... sometimes with a rope, sometimes a little wider like this. Once again I watch the video and think to myself "wow that's a bit fast isn't it?"

To finish up it was back to hamstring and hip extension type movements, and for something different I decided to superset Reverse Hyper Extensions with Glue Isolation machine. It was quite horrible, I liked it!

That was it for Day 8! Tomorrow, back to Day 1!

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