Had a good time at FitX this weekend

I braved the crowds and the HEAT and headed out Friday evening and Saturday day time to the FitX Sport And Fitness Expo in Melbourne.

It was a top event. Firstly the Exhibition Centre has very good air conditioning so that was a good start!

My haul of free samples I'll be reviewing this week!
We caught a bit of the qualifying for various categories in figure, physique and body building competition,
watched a decent amount of the strong man contest, cheerleading demonstration, and a little of the boxing and kickboxing. Also I went in the bench press and push up contests... didn't win but did some respectable numbers! Bumped into a few people I know and hadn't seen for a while as well, so that was nice.

Mostly though I picked up a huge stash of supplement samples, including proteins, pre-workouts, intra workouts and post workout recovery supplements. So in the week ahead I'll be roadtesting all of these and I'll post my reports right here.


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