Thursday Supplement Roadtest

Here's today's stash.

I went with the Amino Energy again, this time before training. About 15 minutes later, I laced up my Dunlop Volleys and thought to myself "yeah, this is some good stuff! Let's GO DO IT".

I was nicely energised and raring to go. Once in the gym I felt very strong and was pushing pretty close to my best numbers in the POWER section of my routine... which was barbell incline press today.

I actually screwed up a little here and did 4 sets of standing cable flies when I should have moved straight on to side lateral raises. Sometime in the middle of all this I started sipping on my trusty green water bottle with the Build HD supplement mixed in. I moved on to the legs section of today's routine which was PUMP sets of hack squat and leg extension. I suck pretty badly at hack squat but I was pleased with the amount of reps I got out with a decent amount of weight on leg extension.

Back to upper body and since I'd already done cable flies earlier I decided to jump back on the pec dec machine and I did a few sets of ... sevens? or 21s? as a bit of a re-warm up / prefatigue before I moved on to some pump sets on the Hammerstrength flat bench press.

Finally I finished off with a massive pump / drop set on tricep push down.

Throughout the session I felt like I had a great pump going on, plenty of energy, and I did a LOT of stuff today, more than I'm supposed to. The change in weather certainly helped a lot but some credit has to go to the supplements for maintaining energy and focus for so long.

Once I got home it was the Horley's protein. I've had Horley's before and they make a damn fine chocolate shake.

That's all for today!

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