Why my Online Coaching Program gets such AMAZING results

Unless you've been living under a rock somewhere you're already aware that I have a FREE Weight Loss Education & Exercise Program available over on my wordpress site, as well as my DHPT Online Coaching Via Email program. Also over on my wordpress blog I do a lot of scam busting, spam busting, and general calling out of scumbags pushing dodgy products and unhealthy methods.

So, it works out nicely because a lot of people find the site because maybe they're tired of spam and they're like "what the hell is this shit anyway?" and so they google and find a post on my site ripping the hell out of whatever product that's so bad they need to employ an army of spammers to promote it because they have no actual success stories other than pictures they stole from unrelated weight loss blogs. Actually speaking of scumbags stealing people's progress pictures to promote their shit products via spam floods, dig it. In the photo to the right you can see one of MY girls photos being used by spammers promoting some scam diet. Suffice to say, we put a stop to that shit very quickly!

Now because I have integrity I'll tell you the truth, this girl already made some amazing progress on her own, simply by eating sensibly and smashing some weights. Since my program is built on the same principles, it makes sense that she's now on board to keep making progress to the next level with a more structured training program and of course my custom macronutrition guidelines as well.

So the proof is in the results. Of the people on my DHPT Via Email program... the ones who were overweight to begin with are reporting in at their lowest weights ever and still making progress, even with less than perfect adherence. And the ones who started off at normal weights are all starting to look like lingerie models. Check the testimonials pages on both of my sites if you think I'm exaggerating.

People doing the program are amazed at how easy it is to get results. Honestly, even I'm a bit amazed.

So why does it work so well so easily? 

This goes back to something I've written about in depth in the past. You need to put your politically correct "I'm a nice person" leanings aside for a moment though. There's a lot of talk these days about "people come in all different shapes and sizes and all bodies are beautiful", and if you disagree you're a horrible person, apparently. Well, I worked in security for 10 years before this, remember? I'm used to upsetting people who can't handle the truth and I've already heard any insult you want to throw at me a dozen times over.

So here's the deal:

  1. People are supposed to be "normal sized".
    Different people do come in different shapes and sizes, but these normal sizes are all somewhere around 18 - 25 on the BMI.
    Don't get me started on BMI deniers. I get it, you want to be nice to people and teilling them whatever size they are is fine and healthy makes you feel like a nice person... but all you're doing is holding them down. Sometimes being "nice" isn't so nice.
  2. People need to eat a "normal amount", to support their normal weight. 
    Most diets proscribe extreme calorie restriction, which is both impossible and unhealthy to stick to. Other programs restrict food choices, which can also be impossible to stick to and may be unhealthy due to misguided exclusion of carbohydrates. In my opinion these sort of diets and weight loss programs are a good way to encourage eating disorders in vulnerable people. Again this is something I have covered extensively in the past. Apart from being difficult and unhealthy, it doesn't even work.
  3. People need to train in exercises and activities that mimic natural human behaviour, to make up for the lack of strenuous activity in modern lifestyles.This means more resistance training, strength training, weight training... whatever you want to call it. Ideally with a balance of pushing and pulling movements for both upper and lower body, and utilising a variety of rep ranges and levels of resistance. A small amount of cardiovascular exercise to complement this will help, excessive cardio will not.
So the reason it works so amazing well, and seemingly so easily is this:
  1. That's the weight that people are supposed to be.
  2. That's the amount of food that people are supposed to eat.
  3. That's the kind of activities people are supposed to do.


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