Evolution of my Progressive Power, Precision & Pump Program.

This is the training program we build up to in my Online Personal Training aka Coaching Via Email program, and it's also how I train in the gym. Generally speaking, it's pretty similar to what I'll be having my clients in Brunswick doing as well.

But that's not to say it's a "one size fits all" approach. Although it is a movement based program, and it's simply based on natural movements that make for a comprehensive and effective full body training program. Generally speaking, we have basic pushing, pulling, bending at the knee, and bending at the hips exercises that all human beings should be performing, unless they have a very good reason not to. With that being said, there are a variety of exercises to choose from when building a training program that covers all of these movements. And a different choice of exercise may be more suitable and more beneficial for different clients.

So within the Coaching Via Email program, we follow the program utilising a variety of exercises for each of these movements as well as for complimentary accessory exercises. The Coaching Via Email program culminates in the creation of a custom training program, built from the clients own choice of exercises within the basic framework of the movement based program.

Here's now the program evolved. It started off as a very simple, 2 day, push / pull split. As follows:

  • 2 day split movement based program, 
  • pushing movements one day, 
  • pulling movements the next. 
  • horizontal and vertical pushing and pulling movements 
  • with suitable accessory exercises to complement each. 
  • also pushing or pulling lower body movements, 
  • and suitable accessory exercises for each. 

Simple, but within this 2 day split we have two variations: as follows:

  • Let's call it Split A, beginning with the horizontal movement. 
  • and Split B, beginning with the vertical movement. 
  • on each split, the lower body / leg exercises are in the middle of the session. 

But wait... doesn't that mean we are doing twice as much upper body work as lower body work?

  • Balance that out with a new split with more leg work. 
  • This time start with legs, 
  • then some upper body, 
  • and finish with more legs. 

At some point in time... actually quite early on I decided I wanted to do a multiple angle program, rather than just vertical and horizontal movements. Therefore:

  • Split C, as described above and the upper body work is an incline press on push day, 
  • and a high to low row on pull day. 
  • Split D, as described above but the upper body work is a decline press on push day, 
  • and a low to high, or upright row on pull day. 

It's starting to be damn complicated right? There's more though. Different rep ranges, depending on the movement and exercise:

  • POWER selection, higher resistance (aka heavier weights) for less reps. 
  • also, PROGRESSIVE POWER selection, increasingly heavy weights for decreasing reps. aka pyramid sets. 
  • PRECISION exercises, higher reps, moderate weight, focussing on strict technique to target a specific muscle or muscle group. 
  • PUMP section, highest reps for endurance and blood volume. 
  • but also, a little bit of super high reps stolen from my earlier "NEXT LEVEL" program from a few years ago. 
  • and we throw in some pre and post fatigue supersets as well. 

So... covering every angle on pushing and pulling movements, cycling through a variety of accessory exercises, and utilising a wide variety of rep ranges.


Because why choose? ALL of this stuff is good and beneficial. A wise strategist would use everything available to them, rather than deciding "this is better than that, so I'm just going to do this all of the time".

So the end result? I'm a little biased but I think it has to be about the most comprehensive, well balanced program you ever heard of.

And the results speak for themselves.

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