The weight loss spam I get is kinda hilarious

Over on my Lose Weight No Bullshit site, I mean. That site has become really popular, and it gets smashed pretty hard with lots of traffic every day. In case you just haven't been paying attention, I have a whole free weight loss system over there, as well as a blog where I have achieved some level of internet fame by calling out weight loss scam artists, spam pedlars and assorted scumbags.

The spam I get on my main business site as a Brunswick Personal Trainer is a little different but I'll tell you about it as well. You see, when a website is successful, it becomes easier for people to find on google. And the easier it is to find, the more successful it becomes. So since my site is quite successful and easy to find, what sort of spam do you think I get a lot of? No, you guessed wrong. I get "your site isn't very easy to find, but I can help you with a better google rank" spam from SEO (search engine optimisation) people. Constantly. Even though my contact page specifically states that I don't want to be contacted about that.

You gotta wonder if my site is so hard to find, how do they find it in order to spam me? Anyway stay with me I am going somewhere with this.

Back to Lose Weight No Bullshit though, and I have comments open on that site, but I have to approve them before they show up, right? So I'll get an email, go check it out and it'll be a comment that's like "good information, thanks for posting" and they sneak a link in there to some spam site. If it's a legit site run by another trainer or something that's all good but if it's a spam site or a scam or pushing unhealthy weightloss products then obviously I'm not going to approve the comment. I swear to god I actually got one with a link to Fat Loss Factor hidden in there. Newsflash idiots, I'm the guy who figured out that you were behind the weightloss spam floods on tumblr and pinterest, in particular the stuff targeting kids with eating disorders... you think I'm not going to detect your spam in my comments? On the very same blog where I've called you out like 1/2 a dozen times?

Rocket scientists I swear to god.

The fat loss factor one was super ironic but that's just one example. Mostly you get comments with a link to some other "health and fitness" or "weight loss" type of website. And when you click around a bit, you quickly notice that the information on there is TERRIBLE. Mostly it's just rehashing all the most common urban myths about "eating 6 small meals a day instead of 3 large ones" or whatever else, and often in terrible English as well. The one I got today was all about "loose weight with low crab diets". I swear to god, low crab diets.

So what's going on is that the SEO people (maybe not the very same ones, but you get my point) who spam me via email saying they can improve my google rank are building these sites... and then I guess if I slip 'em a few bucks they put a link from their site to mine, google crawls through it, and it boosts my rank and I go up a position in the search results, or something. The issue is though... it's just more bad information being put out on the internet that is going to add to people's confusion. I think I've successfully proven already that most of the "commonly accepted facts" about weight loss are a load of crap, and people need to realise that they're a load of crap and do what actually works instead. But when people search for information and find more and more articles pushing the same inaccurate nonsense, it becomes harder and harder to de-program them from going along with these false ideas.

So... the point I'm trying to make is to be careful with what you read, and don't believe everything that's on the internet. Increasingly so these days, the vast majority of it seems to be written be SEO people with no qualification or knowledge of the subject matter.

I'll tell you what else... legit people in the health, fitness and weight loss business should NOT be paying these scammers to fill the internet with more rubbish.

That's what I think.

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