Eat More To Lose Weight

If you aint following me, DaveHPT on Facebook you're missing out big time.

Last week I posted a photo a happy client snapped while out at a cafe for breakfast, with a bit of commentary from me explaining that if you want to be healthy and happy AND see great results from training, you need to be fuelled right. If you just want to be "about normal size", you need eat an "about normal" amount. Now, to get to about normal size and be in extra great shape, we need a strategic training program to encourage the body to take all of that fuel and put it to good use.

In order to lose weight we do need to be in a calorific deficit. That is, we need to be consuming less than we would require to maintain our current weight. However, we still need to be adequately fuelled in order to facilitate great results from training. This is where many people go wrong, as their calorie goal may be based on creating a deficit below what would be expected to maintain weight with an inactive lifestyle... either that, or even worse, the plan is simply to eat as little as possible.

Well... you can go read the facebook post in question and what you'll see underneath is just some of the people who've taken my advice and increased their daily intake to an amount more suitable to fuel, recover and adapt favourably to their exercise routine. What people soon realise is that with a more suitable target range of calories, there is much more room for more of the foods they like to eat, and this includes some purely for indulgence.

Now, what happens when people are eating hundreds of calories more per day, from the foods that they like to eat instead of following some restrictive list of what's "good" and what's "bad", including ice cream, pizza or whatever else they feel like... and they actually get BETTER results than they did before? Better performance at training or in sport, and in the changes in body composition they've been trying to create?

I'll tell you what happens; they get happy. Very, very happy.

So if you want to be as happy as all the people talking on my facebook page, head over here to watch a little video about my Custom Flexible Dieting Guidelines, and hit the "buy now" button.

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