Personal reflections on music and training.

So yesterday I wrote a little blog entry about my Referral System for Personal Training which is a big part of my business plan this year.

It got me thinking... I've always been motivated by wanting to actually achieve something, rather than just "for fun". For better or worse. Sometimes I wonder if that's actually a good and helpful thing or not.

For example when I was playing music, it was always about getting ready for a recording or a gig and I would usually expect things to progress steadily and I'd want to get to that goal within a reasonable time. A lot of people are happy just to turn up every week, sound like shit, not really get any better than last week but eventually over a period of a few years they eventually start to get half decent.

I should say... that's fine when you're a beginner. You just want to "jam" and it helps you to learn to play your instrument, learn to listen and play with other people, and so on. But once you've been playing for a while... hell, just because you've never played with a particular person before doesn't mean that you should sound like beginners again.

So, I'd only work with people who were serious about actually trying to get somewhere. People who'd show up to rehearsal on time, having practised their parts during the week... and so on.

I just realised there's a parallel with what I try to do with my PT business. It's not for everyone, either.

It's really not for the people who just have a spare Tuesday night and think it might be fun to hit the gym for a workout. What I'm passionate about is working with people who are serious about making steady progress towards a very specific result. And if there's a deadline like a wedding or some other important life event that we need to achieve that result by? All the better.

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