Winning the battle against modern technolgy

This isn't really an educational or motivational entry as much as it's just a normal sort of "about my day" type of entry.

I will tell you this though, I am planning on stepping things the hell up in the months ahead and into the new year. Business stuff, I mean. It's been a good year with a pretty stable number of clients on the local roster, plus... I have actually lost count of the amount of online people. I want to step both up and get to capacity levels.

So to that end I've been trying to study up a little on marketing stuff like a real business person which is a story in itself because... gawd... so much of stuff you're supposed to do "if you really want to be successful" will actually get you banned from facebook if they catch you out, I mean assuming it didn't make your skin crawl a little on ethical / respect for people's privacy type of grounds in the first place.

Anyway. Getting an ad approved on facebook without breaking the rules is surprisingly difficult but I eventually figured out that having the word "bullshit" in your page title is kind of a deal breaker. So battle #1 was putting in a request to have my page name changed. Hopefully that works out quickly and I'll run my ad all next week or as soon as I can get it done.

There's a lot of great content on my facebook but this is the particular post I'm going to use as an ad.

So that's one down. Hopefully.

The other one I got sorted today which was soooo complicated was getting my youtube and my google plus business page connected. For some reason they were on different email accounts and you'd think it would be easy enough to fix that but I can tell you it bloody well was not. Eventually managed to sort it though and now all is well. Next job is to put together a channel trailer video for youtube.


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