CRAZY Personal Trainer shares entirely sensible method to produce amazing results exactly as you'd expect.

Studying up on marketing techniques over the weekend, and I UNEXPECTEDLY learned this one WEIRD TRICK that produces UNEXPLAINABLE results... I'm AMAZED that everyone isn't doing it this way.

Uh... that's the trick. Talk about how it's something "weird", "unexpected", "unexplainable", and "amazing" and so on. So for my online coaching system it might be "CRAZY PT SHARES ONE WEIRD TRICK FOR UNEXPLAINABLE AMAZING RESULTS IN WEIGHT LOSS" or something like that.

Except there's one problem applying this to what I do. There's nothing weird about it, it is entirely explainable either by the laws of science or just common sense, and the results are exactly what you'd expect. Amazing I can still use because people usually are amazed at how easy they find it, when they are actually armed with the right strategy. Also crazy cos I'm somewhat eccentric.

When you eat the right amount to maintain a goal weight, you end up at that weight. When you train constructively rather than just to burn calorie, you build your goal body type. In due time you arrive at your goal weight, in your goal condition. Very simple!


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