The more they tell me I am wrong, the more I know I am right.

Sometimes I get annoyed.

The same way the public gets sold a new diet, exercise program or gadget every few months... it's the same for me in the business. Every few months, all of a sudden "we know better now" and we're supposed to make everyone go low carb, or low GI, or gluten free, or fructose free, or paleo, or fast a few days a week, or whatever.

And I get lectured about "not keeping up with the latest industry trends" because I just keep doing what I know works, without bringing a bunch of unnecessary rules or restrictions into it. Don't get me wrong, I'm continuously refining my approach... but I don't just throw everything out to follow whatever is in the latest fad diet or alarmist food conspiracy book written by some fucking software engineer or other non qualified source.


And six months later no one is doing it any more. They stopped because it was too hard, they realised it wasn't necessary, people weren't signing up for it any more... and in at least one particular case that I know of, because their staff and clients started to develop bulimia as a result of trying to live up to some impossible strict standard of "clean eating". But all the same people are now saying exactly the same things about whatever the "latest evidence" (usually cherry picked pseudoscience and alarmism) suggests is the answer to all of our problems.


The more these people tell me I am wrong, the more certain I am that I am right. Especially when my clients keep reporting in with great results, eating more and with no restrictions.

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