Too disorganised to train and eat right?

How many people out there are  failing on their diet / training / weight loss plan because they're too disorganised?

I was thinking about this. Its a common complaint.

i think people... well... some people are pretty fkn hopeless. I'm thinking of a few people I know (and have kinda filtered out of my life) who are 20 minutes late to anything and always show up 10 bucks short of the cost or whatever else... and they just think that's normal and they're not even embarrassed about doing it EVERY TIME, and don't understand why people get frustrated with them. Just fkn useless cunts who need to fkn get it together. In my experience usually drummers.

Those are actually a minority though. You're probably not one of them. If you screw up once in a while you think "bloody hell, I won't slip up like that again" and generally speaking, you get to school / work on time, you get your laundry done before you have to resort to sniffing your socks or undies to find the least smelly pair because you ran out of clean ones 3 days ago, you get your bins out on bin night... if there's concert tickets on sale or something like that you're damn sure you'll get that shit sorted... every day things and occassional things, you get that shit DONE.

All of that takes organisational skills. 

Probably something you've never thought about before, and quite possibly right now you're thinking "oh but that's different though... that doesn't really count". But it does. You're perfectly able to organise your daily activities and even add some special stuff that needs to be done at a precise special time (concert tickets the minute they go on sale, for example) because it's important to you.

And for the day to day stuff, you don't even make a big deal out of it. You just do it on autopilot without even weighing up the option of NOT putting your bin out on the right night, for example.

You just get it done.

Training can work the same way. Not that you should see it as a chore, but it's simply a matter of deciding where it best fits into your schedule, and then doing it simply because it is a part of your schedule. Dieting... especially flexible dieting, works the same way. Schedule your meals where it suits you, choose the foods you enjoy in amounts to suit your requirements.

Since we're not on a restrictive diet that leaves us hungry, and we're not forcing ourselves to eat anything we don't enjoy, there is really nothing difficult about this. You just need to get it organised and get it done. Fortunately, getting things organised and getting them done is something you are actually very good at.

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