This week in review

I've neglected this blog slightly due to working on some other stuff.

Quite probably the most interesting thing that happened this week is that I received my "Team DaveHPT : Flexible Dieting" silicone wristbands in the mail. I'll be mailing some of these out to clients / fans who want to represent me, early next week.

I thought I'd have some fun with advertising too, as follows:

I had plans for a more elaborate ruse but you don't get to put much text on these things. You can see that this ad leads to a new page that I set up earlier in the week, trying a different format that I basically stole from more successful marketers. Of course, unlike most similar pages I actually talk a lot of sense so who knows if it will be as effective or not. We can only hope!

Over on my main blog I wrote a new entry about Vegetarian Health & Fitness, and another one about How Unhealthy Foods Can Help You Lose Weight.

I guess that's all? Also we're two weeks out from FitX which is pretty exciting.


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