Business and personal plans for the next few months.

Just typing this one up to get my ideas and plans straight in my own head really, as well as perhaps a little leverage to make sure everything happens in due course.

Business stuff, mostly. I'm at a stage now where the online coaching business is taking off to a point where I want to make it about 50% of my business, which will allow me to work more closely with a smaller number of clients in real life as a Personal Trainer in Brunswick at Doherty's Gym. I'm thinking 6 - 8 local clients is PLENTY with the way I operate.

Now what I need is to get a more consistent rate of new clients starting the online coaching program. At the moment it is a little more sporadic than I'd like. So I need to market it a bit more actively and aggressively I suppose. My only hesitation at this stage is that I have a fantastic product, fantastic program that I believe in that has produced amazing results for everyone who's done it so far... but I have kind of a crappy, antiquated delivery system and I'm not sure how much I trust it if things really take off to the level that I want them to. So... I need to work something out there. Improve the format and delivery, add more video as well as the text and so on. That's shit I need to get together.

I really want to do an app as well that can give people their correct target calorie recommendations for their goal and training style. In theory that's not so hard to find someone to put the equations into an app but I need to find some way to simulate the human interpretation of the numbers which is something that comes down to human intuition and experience. I'll have to brainwork this idea for a bit and see if I can do it.

What else is good is my brand new clothing line that I'll be launching in the next month. Possibly I'd like to do the app mentioned above under the same brand name as distinct from my DaveHPT brand. We'll see on that one. The clothing line is going to be fucking awesome though and I'm optimistic it will take off.

Uhhh that's about all on the business side I guess. For my own training goals I'm well into spring aka trimming up for summer, have added some conditioning and will be working on bringing up some particular body parts that I want to emphasise. Mostly traps and biceps.

That's all!

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