Is personal training too expensive?

Short answer: No.

Personal training is NOT supposed to be cheap.

A good personal trainer is equal parts sports coach, nutritionist, psychologist, business person, marketing strategist, and health care specialist. You only become a good trainer from years of study, practice, self experimentation and eventually learning to sort the facts from the chaff. If you’re extremely fortunate as I have been, you somehow manage to get noticed by / introduced to some of the best in the business (world wide) and have a chance to learn a few things from them as well, and your clients get the benefit of all this.

Undervaluing (and under pricing) Personal Training only means that you only attract the sort of casual clients who are really just looking for entertainment / an activity to do once a week when the weather is nice and they’re not too tired. You end up haggling over price with people who are happy to pay twice as much at the hairdressers or on a night out, rather than actually helping the sort of people who could most benefit from (and appreciate) your advice.

So once you know that you are actually good at what you do and have proven that you can deliver results, you start to think about which people you want to work with. You set a fair price, and as my coach would say “that’s what it costs, if you don’t want to pay that much then maybe you can find someone cheaper who isn’t as good”.

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