Weight Loss

I actually stopped offering weight loss at all for a few years there, and I removed it from all of my social media profiles as a service that I offered.

Why though? Well, I'll tell you...

Regardless of people's size and weight, I find that my clients are happiest and most successful when we take the focus OFF the weight, and instead consider our goals to be the following:
  • To show up regularly and enjoy training to a productive strategy.
  • To appreciate changes in physical condition and improvements in performance and proficiency at exercise.
  • To build confidence in including a variety of enjoyable and beneficial foods within the context of consistently adequate but not excessive total daily energy intake.

Conversely I found that the clients who would come to me asking for a weight loss program would be less likely to follow my instructions, and more likely to attempt to restrict intake below the minimum requirement I had calculated, or change the training routines in order to burn more calories, and so on.

So... a little ironically, the people who are happy to finally have the chance to do something that is not all about their weight, actually lose significant amounts that they will not regain and the ones who are too focused on weight tend to shoot themselves in the foot.

It's like I said on facebook recently:

If you're a fat person who is trying to lose weight... the best advice you could take from me is to stop acting like a fat person who is trying to lose weight, and start acting like a person who has taken an interest in & developed some enthusiasm for training, and who is trying to get the most out of a good training program that they're following.
And stop saying "but I need to lose weight first", as well!

Option One: Start with Flexible Fueling Test Drive for just $AUD47

Test Drive is not a custom program, but it includes the following:
  • Introductory IIFYM targets and Flexible Dieting guidelines, suitable for a beginner.
  • Introductory gym based resistance training program, suitable for a beginner.
  • Example meal plan based on very mundane, every day food choices, rather than pretentious nonsense.
  • And more...

Option Two is a Custom Strategy and full membership to my Flexible Fueling Online Coaching program, and this is recommended for non beginners, serious fitness enthusiasts or competitive athletes.


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