Weight Loss

I don't have a weight loss program, but I do have a program for people who are fed up with weight loss programs and want something different and better.

Why though? Well, I'll tell you...

Regardless of people's size and weight, I suggest you'll find that they'll be happier and they'll achieve more when we take the focus OFF the weight, and instead consider our goals to be the following:
  • To show up regularly and enjoy training to a productive strategy.
  • To appreciate changes in physical condition and improvements in performance and proficiency at exercise.
  • To build confidence in including a variety of enjoyable and beneficial foods within the context of consistently adequate but not excessive total daily energy intake.
Note though... if you're at a higher body weight, then we would expect weight to decrease while training productively and working to those adequate but not excessive targets. But we're not looking starve off the most weight in the shortest time with an unsustainable approach like every other weight loss focused program, only to go off the rails and regain it all again later.

Get Started With The New Flexible Fueling Express:

It's the new, improved, introductory program suitable for brand new beginners, or for people who've trained a little bit at beginner level but are ready for more structured approach for better results.

It's the express route from starting as a beginner to training confidently as a fitness enthusiast at intermediate level.

Program Includes: 

  • One off online consultation.
  • Introductory flexible fueling guidelines and targets.
  • 2 x introductory training routines for people brand new to the gym.
  • A unique 4 day split training program to progress towards, or to get straight into if you have a little experience already.
  • Guide to Sports Nutrition supplements.
  • Much, much more.
All delivered straight to your email.

Also be sure to report in on Saturday nights in our social & support group on facebook.

Cost: Just $AUD249

Special Offer: Start with Flexible Fueling Express and get $100 back when you upgrade to a Custom Strategy and full membership within 3 months.

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