Dave's Greatest Hits On Facebook

Some good stuff tends to get lost after a while on facebook, so I thought I'd list a bunch of my favourite posts here for future reference. Generally these will be bullshit busting type posts, because those are always a lot of fun.

This is a work in progress... I'll add some more links to Classic Dave Moments On Facebook as they come to mind.

Bullshit busting posts.

More of the good stuff.
Food FYIs: These proved quite popular recently.

  1. 60 Calories Of Watermelon.
  2. 80 Calories Of Potato. 
  3. 90 Calories Of Ice Cream.
  4. 40g Of Mixed Nuts.

Blocked By Pete Evans:

I wanted to include this very pertinent link to a post I made in the early days of the BBPE page, which was a recurring theme of "we're happy for you if you like paleo but please try to understand why we still want to provide other options to other people"... I would have thought quite a reasonable request, but 3 years later the trolls have not abated. Actually they often use a screenshot of just the first half of this post to suggest "Dave Hargreaves has acknowledged that paleo is healthiest for everyone, why does he object to it now?" and such garbage as per the screenshot from twitter.

Bottom line? They're just shit people.

I'd made some similar posts on my own page with hilarious results prior to this but I can't seem to find the links.


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