I got some broscience theories of my own though

Broscience aint all bad. I mean... it's bad when people come up with a load of crap about "this is the only way you can do it because science, bro" and especially when it's relation to restrictive eating plans they're selling to vulnerable clients or (worse) to well intentioned trainers who think they're learning something that'll help their clients, but is actually just overcomplicating things and making it harder for people to succeed.

On the other hand though... we've all got different ways we prefer to do things, and if it's working - good. You don't necessarily need to be able to reference 16 different studies that confirm that it works. So sometimes it's more like "well I like to do it this way, and it seems to me that [this] is what's happening... anyway it is producing results so whatever that's the main thing".

So I came up with this broscience theory that's good enough for me, about my own training program. Some of you are familiar with my Power, Precision and Pump program which is a movement based program split into pushing movements one day, pulling movements the next, and then repeat with a different choice of exercises and so on. Also you've got both upper body and lower body movements each day.

Now, I've upgraded this and called it Ultimate Power, Precision & Pump and there's a new Push / Legs / Pull section early in the week. So the schedule now looks like this:

Day One: Push Day (upper body)
Day Two: Legs Day
Day Three: Pull Day (upper body)
Day Four: Push Day (full body, more upper body stuff with some legs in the middle)
Day Five: Pull Day (full body, more upper body stuff with some hip flexion & hamstrings in the middle)
Day Six: Push Day (big legs day with a little incline press or something in the middle)
Day Seven: Pull Day (deadlifts, a little upper back or traps stuff and then more hamstrings)

So to start with, it seemed like the first three days were going to the hard ones, since it's just smashing the same body parts over and over again. There's actually more exercises on those days as well. But I will tell you what, I am actually finding my traditional, full body PPP days harder to get through.

So.... and yep this is total broscience I admit... it feels like from Day Four onward, the body is used to just doing one section in a session, and when I switch from upper body to lower body half way through (and then back again) there's this confusion with the body trying to decide where it's supposed to send resources for recovery and refuelling before the next set or exercise.

Now that may or may not be a load of nonsense, but I like how it is working out so far so I'm gonna stick with it. Different amounts of work for each section per session, different angles of movements, different choices of apparatus, different rep ranges, different amounts of time between sets, different amounts of days between hitting the same body parts again... I believe all of this stuff contributes to an effective program. At the very least, it keeps it a bit more interesting than just going in and doing the same stuff every second or third day.


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