How's my deadlift form?

Yesterday was back day and that means DEAD LIFTS. I wanted to check my form so i set up my phone to take a video of me performing this exercise.

As it turns out, my form was not too bad and I did a personal best at 5 reps of 100kgs. I was pretty pleased with this!

Dead lift is a very important exercise that I think most people should have as a part of their fitness program. It's a functional exercise which carries over into day to day life, helping you to lift heavy objects at home or at work safely without risking spinal injury. It's VERY important to get the form right though, so don't be shy to ask someone to teach you how to do it. Bail up a Personal Trainer, staff member or just one of the experienced guys or girls at the gym when they're not busy, people are usually happy to help.

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