Weight Loss

I'm not doing "weight loss" any more.

I'll level with you, people. Recently I've started removing "weight loss" from my social media profiles as a service that I offer.

This is tricky to explain. I can give you a program that will result in weight loss, but if you're still looking for a weight loss program in the conventional sense, you probably aren't ready for it.

If you're already active and into training or participating in sport, you absolutely do not need a weight loss diet type approach even if you might be significantly heavier than your goal condition. What you may need is a more strategic & productive approach to training, and what you almost certainly need is to establish consistent habits that see you fueled optimally to facilitate best results. If you've been following my blogs or my facebook posts, you already know that this doesn't necessarily mean "eat less" or "go further into calorie deficit".

For the brand new people...
 ... here's the bottom line:

One: Stop saying "but I need to lose weight first", and just work on establishing the habits of being suitably active and including some productive form of training within that activity schedule, rather than merely "burning calories".

Two: Stop saying "but I need to lose weight first", and just work on establishing consistent eating habits, including more of the healthier choices but based on your own preferences to a total energy provision suitable to a person who is starting to get more active and participate in training at a beginner level.

Thats all.

That's literally all you need right now.

Flexible Fueling Test Drive
More experienced people and more advanced athletes will benefit from a more advanced, customised approach to training and fueling.

You can come back and get that when you're ready for it. Right now, all you need is the basics, and here they are.


Plan your meals in advance to meet a target range for total energy and macronutrient provision suitable for a person getting into training at a beginner level.

Towards the lower end of the range to begin with, and towards the higher end if you are taller, as your consistency at training improves or just if you find you're still hungry. This isn't about starving weight off!

Guidelines on how to plan to meet your requirements are included.

Your Training Schedule:

 * Day One: Introductory Push Routine.
 * Day Two: Introductory Pull Routine.
 * Day Three: Something else. Your Choice.
 * Repeat Day One - Three.
 * Day Seven: Rest Day.

Training program and exercise instructions are included. You'll need a gym membership.

Just $AUD47 and you can start any time.