Flexible Fueling Online Coaching

My Flexible Fueling program is most accurately described as a "great results from training within a healthy and sensible goal weight range, without dietary restriction" program. If only that rolled off the tongue a little more smoothly!

To date, clients have achieved great results using this program for weight loss, body sculpting and conditioning, improved performance at sports, and most importantly the avoidance of and recovery from extreme dieting and disordered eating.

Included with your 12 week subscription to the Flexible Fueling Online Coaching system is;

  • Custom Flexible Fueling Guidelines
  • Customisable Gym Based Training Program
  • Private Support Forum On Facebook.


Custom Flexible Fueling Guidelines

Also known as "IIFYM" or "Flexible Dieting", but with an emphasis on being "appropriately fueled for great results" and a rejection of conventional "cutting calories" ideas about dieting.

How it works is pretty simple.

I don't tell people "what" they should be eating. We all have our preferences, and some foods appeal to us more than others. Some make us feel great and some make us feel sluggish, but the same might not be true for other people. So why should we expect other people to adopt our personal preferences that might not suit them?

Better question: why should we be expected to adopt other people's preferences that do not suit us?

To be able to perform and see results from training as well as to get through our busy day at work, school, or with the family, we need to hit certain levels of intake from various resources, from whatever foods best suit us. Therefore, I encourage people to make more of the healthiest choices that suit them, and put them into a plan to meet the total energy & macronutrient targets that I'll work out for them from a sports nutrition point of view.

People seem to forget about that "total energy" requirement that I mentioned, for some reason.

To really enable your body to adapt favourably and to perform at training, energy is just as important as protein, vitamins and minerals, and anything else. All of this stuff is important, but that is not to say it is terribly difficult to get right. Most people's requirements are actually a lot higher than they'd expect, and this means there is a lot more room for flexibility in their plan.

Are you ready for great results without restrictions?

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