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My Flexible Fueling program is all about great results through effective training, while avoiding or recovering from extreme, restrictive and disordered approaches to dieting.

Spaces are limited. Remember, this isn't some "one size fits all" diet or meal plan. I actually calculate the appropriate intake targets for each individual client, and we adjust regularly to get as close as possible to "optimal" intake for best results from training. I can only do this for so many new people at a time and still expect to be able to keep track of everyone. Therefore, there is a waiting list.

New seasons usually launch around the last weekend of each month. Subscribe here for VIP Priority Access when I'm ready for new applicants. In the meantime, you'll have access to a stack of great information including my personal recommendations of delicious and beneficial foods you might like to include in your plan, and guidelines on how to set your meal schedule and plan to meet your individual requirements. Also two "at home" training routines, all free, no obligations. Just a little taste of how the full program works.

Flexible Fueling Is DIFFERENT:

The goal here is to be strong, happy and healthy, to perform at your best and see your best physical condition through productive training and optimal fueling. We work on the basis of meeting an adequate total energy provision (as a minimum) and working towards a higher, optimal target over the course of your membership, rather than restricting further and further into deficit like the misguided approach on most other programs.

Oh, you still need more convincing?

Just look at this great testimonial from one of my many happy members.


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