Personal Training In Brunswick

OK listen up because this works a little differently to what you might expect if you're used to the usual style of trainers who've been taught to attract as many window shoppers as possible and then "convert them" with the hard sell or whatever it is...

As you might already know I'm an officially authorised trainer at one of the world's great hardcore gyms. Following this blog you're also well aware that I'm the innovator in Flexible Dieting, and I'm the originator of Flexible Fueling with a global client base.

Therefore locally I'm available for Personal Training & Coaching with people who are serious about learning a structured and strategic approach to training and fueling, that they intend to continue on with for long term sustainable results. Exclusively!

I do not offer casual PT sessions, and you need to come to me specifically because you are looking for the best IIFYM / Flexible Dieting coach. We'll be working to a longer term fueling strategy for the best ongoing results, and not just slashing calories.

No Drugs. No Supps. No Restrictions.

Hit your targets with whatever food choices best suit you, on the schedule that best suits you. Protein powders are fine if you find them helpful. I won't  ban you from pre-workouts if you're into those already, but this isn't another program where you get handed a supplement shopping list and banned from your favourite foods!

Current Package & Availability: 

At present I'm only available for one new person at the start of each month, on the following package:

 * 2 x PT per week.
 * Custom Flexible Fueling Strategy.
 * Bonus: 12 Weeks Online Membership & Ongoing Support.
 * Additional & Ongoing PT Sessions subject to availability & adherence.


 *  Plan in advance to meet your custom targets consistently.
 * Follow your training plan outside of PT sessions.
 * Check in via the online system 3 x per week.
 * Gym membership or casual fee also required in addition to cost of this package.

Applications via my main website.