Sunday, January 9, 2011

Counting down to the grand opening of DHPT & The Combat Academy in Oakleigh

It's getting exciting and a little bit nerve racking because the days are ticking over really fast and my planned date for the grand opening is getting closer!

As you might know I'm showcasing the new studio with a small "home workout workshop" which will be giving people everything they need to know to train at home. Ideally this is the sort of routine people can do in between personal training sessions, but really this is a full body program that people can just stick with and expect great results when combined with a sensible calorie controlled eating plan.

So anyway this is all making me ANXIOUS because I'm a bit of a control freak and and not actually in charge of getting the place set up and stocked with equipment (other than the stuff I'm taking in myself). I'm told that the studio has been cleaned and the power is on, so that's a good start! Next step is the flooring and then the weight equipment can go in, and finally I'll take in the resistance bands, stability balls, and other stuff I've got piled up in my spare room at the moment. Eventually there'll be a TV hooked up to a computer and sound system that I'll have some great 80s party music playing on for most of the sessions.

Hopefully the equipment will all show up on time and we'll be open on schedule on February first!