Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Personal Training equipment for the new studio in Oakleigh

I'm now almost running out of space in my spare room due to stockpiling a stack of personal training gear ready for opening of the new studio.

The big expensive stuff is already ordered and will be delivered once we're ready for it, sometime in January. A lot of what I like to use in Personal Training and especially Group Fitness sessions is relatively small inexpensive stuff, although of course for group sessions you do need lots of it!

So I've got a stack of exercise balls (stability balls? they have a dozen names for the same thing!) piled up ready to go, and a whole heap of resistance bands should be delivered soon. I still need an assortment of medicine balls, steps, and plyometric boxes and I'll be chasing those up next.

It's all coming together nicely! Watch this space for more news.